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“We tailor our designs to the way YOU live. Creating and re-inventing a space that best suits the clients vision is what we enjoy doing most. But we design for a purpose. To make memories, that is what we specialize.” - ElisaChristine



Your home is where you live + laugh, we just design it detailed to you. Our process allows our clients the freedom to enjoy, and trust our team to execute a design centered around their budget and style.


This typically is a brief meeting where we would like to take the time to know you better, review the space and scope of the work. Generally during this time we collect important information such as, budget, timeline, and expectations of your vision. This helps translate which direction and service our client is needing.


Depending on the service, determines the amount of our Q + A session. This continues with understanding more of the scope with budget, setting calendar meetings, project timeline, along with possibly bringing in our expert associated tradesman for an introduction. This process lasts for a several weeks, depending on how big the scope of work is. Throughout this phase we discuss, touch and feel samples, review digital furniture images, and produce an inspirational vibe board by incorporating and culminating necessary items for a complete, final design presentation.


Once we are complete with our final selections, and depending on services required, we may take this time to reach out to other trade contacts for bids and estimates. This is where we do a final review of budget numbers before we continue to final execution and installation. Our recap also determines if we may need to substitute or down size our creativity. Once all items are approved, we then may continue. This is when all payments must be finalized, prior to furniture purchase.


Installation and final stages. After the approved design is determined, your design starts coming to life. Depending on the amount of the custom design or none, we manage over the orders, delivery and installation. Timing the delivery of items for a complete and staging process. This takes typically a full day, complete with details and management. This day gets hectic and we urge our clients to treat themselves to an outing for a surprise reveal ending.

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